Sunday, 12 May 2013

Furla Candy Bag 2013

Hye Darling ,
How are you ?
Its been a long time I didn't update any new item on LOVEY DOVEY'S
Previously I bring in many choice of JELLY WEDGES,today guess what dear?
Im bringing in Many colors of candy bag by Furla
Its original from Japan , cz i get direct from the manufacturing place so i will definitely sell in cheap price.
Because im pretty sure there will be a lot of people will keep ask me , why im selling in cheap price.
If you don't trust me , then you can choose another blogshop , but i know all my customer will keep on supporting me and trust me.
I will be upload other colours and collection.
If your favourite colour not in my blog , you can always sent me an email or drop me a comment or you can also whatsapp me to request your favourites color.
I will help you all find the favourite color.
Darling don't forget to follow me on my instagram - DIANALOVEYDOVEY
There will be fast update and more picture :)

Love ,